Adult supervision required

The boys have been working on something unusual for a while. They are building a smelter. A home grown smelter. A lot of people ask, “why?” I honestly cannot answer that question except with “why not” or “because they can.”

Today they had success in their smelter-ing adventures…

Landon, Kyle, and Cameron decided they wanted to get the smelter working to the extent that they were actually going to melt down something into another form. Do not ask. They just did. They decided they were going to melt down aluminum cans. Yes, coke cans. Since we were not footing the expense of this project, that was not our concern. 
Ben decided, however, that some adult supervision was required. I snapped this picture on my way back from running some errands. 
My instructions to the boys was to have fun but to not burn the house down. We need the house. They could not burn it down. Here you see Landon, Kyle, Lance, and Cameron up to whatever they were up to before I got the camera out. They had successfully melted down the aluminum cans. They ran out of cans. They look mighty proud of themselves. 

It does not look like much, but it is not the original form. That is a success in their book. They did not have a mold, but they did prove that they could in fact get their homemade smelter to a temperature hot enough to melt down the cans and put it in another format. They did not get hurt in the process. Oh and the house is still standing. This is fantastic news in my opinion.

Some might think that we are crazy for allowing them to go through with it. We just provided the adult supervision just in case there was some crazy injury that did need us to call some form of medical attention for. Heaven forbid. Honestly, I was not worried about that too much. I look at it this way, these teenagers were safe at my house. They were outside doing something physical. They were doing math and science on my driveway with sidewalk chalk. Top that!

I could have problems with my teenagers. They could be out roaming the streets unaccounted for. They could be out causing real problems. They could be out doing drugs or getting into real trouble. They are not. They were at home being supervised. They were at home being good curious kids. I will take that kind of “adult supervision required” any day.

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