A new hair style

Most people that know me well know that I have kept my hair long most of my life. It has always been longer. That is just what I have done.

I vowed about 3 years ago to never grow it out that long again. It was too much work to keep up with it. At the time it was really starting to thin – fall out. There, I admitted it. At 37 years old my hair was falling out quickly. I had a lot of health issues that were unresolved still and it was showing in my hair. So I whacked it off and the hair loss slowed down and my hair looked healthier. I swore that was the last time I was growing it out that long.

Except there is one problem…

My hair is generally very healthy and my hair GROWS REALLY FAST when you cut it off. So my hair just did what it did.

My health started to improve in general. My hair stayed fairly healthy and until recently it did not appear to be falling out too quickly. It was fine. So I left it alone.

Then…It started falling out again. I am not entirely sure why to be honest with you. Unless my body is that sensitive to certain allergens and I got exposed to just enough of them that it just simply could not keep up anymore. I have been on antibiotics a lot this fall and winter for respiratory and sinus crap. It was been a hard winter. I finally decided that it was time to chop it off again. Just cut it off and give my hair a chance to recover. Take off the weight and start over.

So I cut it off again…

I was afraid that my cut would be much thinner than the last time I did this. I had never planned on making another donation again after the previous long cut to be honest. They made the cut and then handed it to me. I was surprised at what they handed to me. It was thinner than the original donation cut that I made some 9 years ago. It was NOT thinner than the donation cut that I made 3 years ago. I got a longer cut and it was thicker by about half than the donation cut made then.

This may not seem like much to most people, but your hair can say a lot about your over all health in general. This was a good indication that in the past three years, my health had improved even though I still have bad days. I am in better health than I was three years ago.

My hair is still healthier than it was three years ago and I should take some pride in the fact that I can grow it out and cut off the 11″ braided that I did. It did not take me forever to grow it out. It took me three years. Just 3. There was probably one trim in there where I cut a good 6″ or so off of it.

So I am sporting a new hairdo. It is short. I like it.

The lady styled it straighter, but it really is naturally curly so as soon as I wash it and it dries it is going to be a bit fuller and even shorter as it curls up.

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