If you are interested in some things…

I have some items for sale on Etsy. If you are interested in any of these items, please feel free to check them out. There is certainly no pressure to buy. Just sharing.

I was very happy when one item sold before Christmas. It was a Christmas Tree Skirt. It was very pretty.

The really funny part was that at the time it sold, we had just moved a bunch of boxes to storage. Nothing had received much interest on Etsy in a LONG time so I did not think much of it. The trends were that the items were not likely to sell anyway, so I just boxed those items up and put them with the other items in storage. Then the Christmas Tree Skirt sold. Oh the irony of it all. That box? It was all the way in the very back right hand corner of the storage unit on the very bottom of the pile. Okay, I think it was one box up from the bottom. You get the fun we had though, digging that box out so that I could then ship the item to its new rightful owner. I was very happy to put it in the box and ship it out even if it was a fun tale to tell to everyone else. The good news is that the box containing these other items is not in the back corner of the storage unit at the bottom of the pile anymore.

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