The average become short

I have not be considered short ever in my life. I am of average height. In fact from some people’s perspective, I am rather tall at 5’6″ tall. If you stand me next to my baby brother, I am short. I come to his arm pits. Yes, I feel short next to him. I am the tallest of my three sisters, however. I have never considered myself short. I have been average.

Then I had children. Three boys.

Then my oldest child passed me up in height. He is now roughly 6′ tall. I am short next to him. He is not done growing at 17 years old.

Then my middle child passed me up in height this past year. He is now 5’9″ tall. That is what he measured in at the doctor’s office this morning. I am short next to him. He is not done growing at three days shy of 14 years old.

I must confess that my youngest child is quickly gaining on me in height. I am still taller than him for now. I know it will not be long. He only has two to three more years before he too will pass me up in height. I will savor the time that remains.

The reality hit me this morning that I will soon be the shortest person in my family. The average height people do eventually become short…my boys are growing up and towering over me. I am walking in the shadows of great young men. I had my hands in their creation. I am okay with this. May they forever grow in goodness.

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