Andrew’s cookie adventures

I found myself sitting in the recliner in the living room minding my own business, but the sounds that started to come from my kitchen were not so innocent. Okay, I will be perfectly honest, the child that was attached to the sounds was trying to be perfectly innocent. He was trying to take matters into his own hands.

I heard the mixer turn on. I knew something fishy was going on at that point. I did not say anything. I almost always keep the supplies on hand these days because I can get orders for their “Philmont Fundraiser” at any time and I do not want to go scrambling to get supplies to make things. I am usually stocked enough to do a batch of anything at any given time. Well, except for pecans because those are expensive and hard to keep stocked in the house.

Needless to say, I was not worried. I knew that I had everything they needed to make whatever they wanted to make, more or less. They could be creative if I did not.

I let the kids do what they wanted to do in my kitchen. I stayed out of it until I was asked to help. At the end. They knew something was wrong.

I just laughed and told them to let me see the dough.

I tried to fix it.

Let me tell you that there are only so many tricks you can pull when you mess things up a certain way. I had him follow the directions again, this time following them precisely, without melting the butter this time.

Well he still did not follow the directions. This time he followed the “written” directions instead of the printed directions. I am not sure what made him think to do that this time instead of what he did the first time. He followed the printed directions the first time. Why change now? The written directions are my directions for a larger batch.

His claim was that he wanted to make a single batch of cookies.

His result? A triple batch of cookies.

I have to say that while they were certainly not my cookies, they were edible. He did just fine. They were consumable. He did not completely screw them up. They did bake up and you could eat them just fine.

The result for me was a gentle reminder that my children have this expectation to get certain results when they go to the kitchen. They know which recipe to use, but they do not get the same results. They end up disappointed. “This is not mom’s.” I really should work on getting my recipes in a clearly written format for them with directions and pictures for them to follow so they know how to make them. It is on the to do list. I should get through that faster.

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