Relevant advertising

I find myself driving past the same sign daily and I have to shake my head because I am confused by something that should be so simple to understand – relevant advertising.

The concept is not hard and many fail to follow its simple guidelines. Anything that you use to advertise your company should be relevant. This includes your business cards, letterhead, stationary, flyers, and most importantly your signage. This includes your textual content as well as your visual content or imagery. Everything needs to be relevant.

It is important to stop and think – what does this have to do about my product or company? If the answer is “nothing” then do not use it. It is that simple.

The sign that I drive by daily is for a business that I am not 100% certain what their services or products are as of yet. The sign is not clear. The website address that references the business name is not clear as to what the business is, exactly. The quick visual clues that I would get from the imagery is that they are offering painting services. The images are paintbrushes and not dainty paintbrushes, we are talking beefy house painting paintbrushes. One could conclude that they are offering house painting services. However, the textual content on the sign that is harder to read at high speeds or in the dark as the sign is not lit says something about yoga classes. I am not certain what yoga classes and paintbrushes have in common, but this is what the business used for their large sign along side the road.

Relevant advertising is especially important when your potential customers only get a quick glance at your signage. Make the most of it. At 50mph the sign is going to go by quickly. Make every inch of that sign count. Make it intelligible and precise in your message. Every inch and every second counts.

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