One last freeze?

The weather has been unusual here in Texas. The weather has been crazy everywhere, actually. Here in Texas, it has been cold. Everyone likes to say that it has been colder than normal. That might be a true statement, but it is not true to say that it is the coldest ever.
We honestly thought we were done with the cold weather – the freezing temperatures. We are well into March as seeing it is March 4, 2014. We woke up to a frozen world this morning. Everything was covered in ice. Last week they closed school for the snow that really would not happen. It did snow but it did not become the horrendous conditions that they predicted because the weather here is that unpredictable. 
Still this morning we woke up with ice coating everything that small that the cold winds could blow around and chill at rapid rates. Fortunately, for the most parts our roads were ice free at least where we lived so it was safe to head out in spite of our inexperience with driving in these conditions.
Kyle broke a leaf off one of my bushes to show me that the ice was dripping from the leaves. He explained this as being “wrong.” It is wrong for us, this is too late in the year to be experiencing these conditions.
Lance was content to point out the ice coating my buds that were about to open on my Bottle Brush bushes. They were coated in ice. Spring was already here and the ice quickly reminded us that it was not quite here. The bushes have been trying to bloom for a few weeks now as the temperatures will rise and then suddenly plummet again. I guess I should be happy that they did not already have red flowers poking out.

Our trees and bushes are not used to the weight of even a little ice on them, they are drooping under the weight. The good news is that we will warm up in a couple of days and this will become a distant memory to them. The question is, will it stay warm this time?

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