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It has been a few months since I last posted an “accomplishments” post for my web design and graphic design stuff. I thought I would give you a little update now. This will not be all encompassing, but it will be a good overview as we wrap up the month of February and go into the month of March.

As I closed up the year 2013, it was clear that it had been a busy year. The number of projects unfinished was actually a bit overwhelming. It was evident that there was still plenty of work to do as the new year started.


January brought the completion of a logo redesign or recreation rather for Good Faith Services, Inc.
The goal of the project was to give them a new and unified look from their original logo. They nixed the more elaborate design, but this is a cleaner rendition of their original logo. The purpose of recreating the logo and refining it was accomplished.

January also brought the completion of another logo project for JJ Smith. He purchased a dress boutique and while the shop had an existing logo, he was not happy with it. He wanted a logo that meshed more with his existing WinnerViews look and feel. Something similar but different.

This was a fun challenge in that the business name is well established but we were taking it from the fun and spunky logo it had to the more sophisticated and refined look and feel of WinnerViews. The challenge was to make them look similar but to give Think Twice Fashions its own appeal and uniqueness.

Once the logo was complete, it was time to help JJ Smith with his advertising campaigns. January also brought another full page ad to advertise his newly acquired dress boutique. The goal was to keep it simple and elegant while highlighting the logo and dress content.

February so far has yielded another full page ad (both color and greyscale) for JJ Smith and Think Twice Fashions. These ads will be in several high school newspapers in the area surrounding the boutique as this is prom season and a prime time for dresses to be flying off the shelf for the business.

This week, I will be finishing up the Texas Gulf Bay Homes website. This has been a project that has drug out over time, but has come together nicely. I cannot wait to get it live. If you live in the Texas Gulf Bay area and are looking to build a new home, you should look up Texas Gulf Bay Homes. They offer an interesting concept in new home construction.

There are still several projects in progress that will soon be reaching completion.

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