Nice buns!

One of my frustrations is food labels. I know that no one really enjoys reading them, but I honestly hate reading them. I used to give them a quick glance to make sure there was nothing offensive in them or that they were reasonably healthy per the nutrition facts, but that has all changed now. I stand in the aisles at the stores now and stare at the nutrition facts. I get out my phone and look up things that I do not know if I have the time to spend on that investment. Otherwise I just stand there with all the labels facing me. Pulling things off to get a closer look or to compare two items in particular, only to put them back and stand there with this glazed over look.

I will confess to hating the whole process. I hate reading the same lists of ingredients. I hate it. Half the time they are ingredients I cannot pronounce let alone know what they are. What is all that stuff, anyway? Why do we need it? My biggest question is always but what do I NOT know about. See there is some deception in the food labeling. Not everything is really there. They say it is, but it is not. If something is in something else, it is not revealed. You just have to know that. Well, I do not know all that stuff. I do not care to know all that stuff. I have a little brain with lots of stuff going in and out of it every day. Just tell me what is in my food and lets be done with it. Do not try to deceive me. I do not have time for deception.

It is in that deception that I am finding the problems. I am not cool with that. Why should I have to fear simple products like bread, milk, and cheese? I should not. I should be able to walk in and pick up those items and not worry. I do live in the land of plenty after all. I should not have to worry. The problem is that there are words all over the labeling that can cause me problems and I cannot even begin to list them off for you because they are swimming around in my head. I just stand there looking at the labels more confused than ever. What is going to make me hurt? I do not know any more.

I do know that it can be found in bread products and more than just your fancy breads. We are talking about your standard sandwich breads, hamburger buns, and even hot dog buns. It makes you not want to eat. The problem is, I like food. I like to eat. I do not like that hungry feeling and I do not like that hungry pain.

I had this craving for something high in protein, low in fat, and just fun to eat. I actually wanted a Buffalo Burger but I did not want to go out to eat at Fuddruckers. Nothing against the food chain, but they are a little pricy. I like their food. I just do not like their prices except for the occasional treat. I do, however, like how I feel after eating a Buffalo Burger. It is actually something that my poor, abused digestive system can handle easily enough. It does not make me hurt.

The best part about this craving? I had some ground Buffalo in my freezer. The worst part? I did not have any hamburger buns. This was not a problem, per say. I have three grocery stores within a 1.5 mile radius of here. I could go buy hamburger buns. This was not a problem. The problem was that a quick trip to the store to get hamburger buns was not going to be a quick trip. It was going to leave me standing there on the bread aisle reading every single label on the packages trying to pick the least offensive to my system. Which one do I pick? Which will hurt less? I will probably come close to tears in the process. I was simply trying to avoid this.

Instead, I did a quick Google search for “homemade hamburger buns.” Surely I was not the first person to make this happen, right? Sure enough, Google did not disappoint me. I found a few recipes, so do not think that the one I selected was the only one. I found one for “40-minute hamburger buns.” I was short on time and this was quick and appeared to be fairly easy. The reviews were decent. I just wanted easy and fast.

First I had a small break down because I was not sure I had enough yeast. The recipe called for 2 tablespoons of yeast. That is a lot of yeast. Usually I have to double the recipes so I was starting to panic and thinking I was going to have to pick another recipe. I kept reading and saw that it would yield 12 buns. I started to relax. I could handle this.
Of course then I got to my yeast box to get started. I usually use packets of yeast when making certain recipes. That is what the recipes call for so I just stock up on them when I have coupons or they are on sale. I had plenty. The problem was it was older yeast. I was starting to worry again. It was going to have to work because I was not going to head to store at this point. 
I did get the recipe mixed up and I was quite impressed with it overall. It said that it yielded 12 rolls (buns). I only got 10 buns out of my batch (5 shown in picture). I am not sure if I let my dough rise a little longer with it being older yeast if it would have yielded more, but I think 10 buns was still a fair amount of buns for a batch of dough. I was not disappointed with the recipe.
The dough was soft and very easy to form the round balls for the buns. In fact, it did not stay in round balls at all. I ended up just going ahead and shaping mine into the shape of the buns – more disc shaped as opposed to ball shaped. This worked perfectly. These rose a little bit while waiting for the oven to warm up. I think they might have risen more if I had kept them covered in a warm spot for a few minutes.
Unfortunately, my older oven is not cooking evenly and I had my buns on 2 pans in the oven. They cooked unevenly, but they were still quite delicious. 

The key to nice looking hamburger buns was getting the dough evenly divided and then of course to get them in an oven that cooks evenly. These were in the middle of the oven. The ones at the back of the oven browned more than those in the front. They were still very nicely formed and rose nicely in the oven forming a nice bun shape.

All in all the experience making hamburger buns was one that I would certainly do it again. I at least do not have to worry about what is in my hamburger buns. I know what is in them, I put it there. They were quick and easy. It did in fact take roughly 40 minutes to make these. They cooked nicely and had a nice flavor. They were easy enough that I would in fact do it again.

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