I think I need to sew something

I went out shopping with my very good friend, Robyn Felt. She wanted to buy a pattern and some fabric to make herself a dress to wear. I was perfectly fine with going out and helping her find those items. I needed to to Joann’s Fabric to get the fleece fabric for Kyle’s birthday gift anyway.

I had already been out shopping and pricing the fabrics for Kyle’s gift – a “Snuggie.” I have already bought the pattern for it, I just need to acquire the fabric. A lot of people will think that I am crazy for buying a pattern for this when there are instructions on how to make this wearable blanket on the internet readily available, but in all honesty I am being lazy. The pattern was down right cheap too as it was on sale. The amount of fabric that I need, however, does not change regardless of where I get the instructions. It calls for a lot of fabric. That being said, I have already been out and priced the fabric out. I knew today would be a good day to buy because instead of it being 50% off it was going to be 60% off.

In actuality when I got back to the store it was on sale for $3.99 instead of 60% off. That was actually a better deal because the fleece I picked out was a little bit more expensive and it would have been a little bit more than $3.99 had it simply been marked down 60% off. Either way I would have bought it because Kyle’s request was a simple one, he wanted a “red Snuggie.” It does not get any more specific than that. So red fleece is what I bought. I got the nicer feeling stuff for $3.99 so I cannot complain. I even was nice to the lady that was cutting the fabric and bought the last half yard on the bolt. I am going to put a foot pocket on his and he requested a nice large hand pouch on the front so I would need a little extra fabric for that. I rounded the required yardage up to 5.5 yards. When there was only another half yard remaining on the bolt I told her to give me what was left.

Of course in our walking around the store today, I found this beauty! Yes, I do believe that I need to sew something with this piece. This was a flannel piece that just calls to me. I am thinking there needs to be a denim and flannel blanket made out of this. I can see this and coordinating cream and black squares on the back. Oh yes, the possibilities are flowing through my head.

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