Happy New Year

I have to confess that I was very happy to see 2013 end and 2014 begin. It was not that 2013 was a bad year, it was not. It was just that it was time for it to end. The end of the year just seemed to be dragging on.

It did not help that I finished the year sick. That is actually no surprise. One last sinus infection and a bad case of bronchitis to bring the year to a close. I am so sick of coughing it is not funny. At least my head is starting to clear. The rough part in all of this is that it is another three weeks of antibiotics for me. It was not enough for me to have just finished up three and an half weeks of antibiotics for the last 2 sinus infections that I had. Unfortunately, the last two rounds of antibiotics were back to back and the same antibiotic. They were the good antibiotic, the one that works the best for me. Unfortunately, it worked but I got sick again. Resistance is a word that I am familiar with when it comes to illnesses and antibiotics. I have been there before with repeat sinus infections. Unfortunately, this is something we have to worry about. Thus the three weeks of antibiotics this time on one that is usually not as effective as quickly, it works but not as quickly. I also ended up with another shot of steroids is my buttocks. That helps considerably. I was told to give it a week and if my lungs did not start to behave with the bronchitis, to come back in and she would add a steroid inhaler to the mix. Fortunately, the congestion from the sinus junk started to respond immediately. The inflammation at least responded and allowed me some clearer breathing right away. Between the coughing and crackling in my chest, not being able to breathe on top of it made it so much worse. Unfortunately, I am still coughing pretty hard as my lungs are still filled with the thick mucous that very quickly settled in my chest this time around. Fortunately, we caught it early and it should clear up fairly quickly.

So the new year has started and I am just glad to see it start. That is it. Nothing more. Right now I am just ready for the new year to start and nothing more.

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