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I will be the first to admit that while I am a Mac Fan Girl, I am not a fan of all things Mac.

Yes, I actually admitted that where others could see it. There is no taking it back and I have no intentions of taking it back. A lot of people love everything that comes with their Mac when they get it, but I do not. I will confess to wanting to strip the living daylights out of iPhoto right off my new MacBook Pro the minute I got it. I hate it!

For all points and purposes, iPhoto is easy to use and works for just about anyone, but that is about it – it works. If that is what you want it to do “just work” then it is perfect for you. If you want a little more control over your files, then do not ask what iPhoto is doing on the back end. It is one of the biggest memory hogs I have ever seen on a Mac. If you want to lose hard drive space, use iPhoto. That is all I have to say.

I know, a lot of people are now asking how I get things off my iPhone, etc. There are plenty of third party apps that will do the job for me and give me complete control of where the files are going and do it more efficiently. Just in case you are wondering, I do not use iTunes to get stuff off my iPhone either. Yes, I use it to back it up, but for the photos and videos (the things that really matter to me), I use an app that specializes in transferring data from one device to the other.

My concerns today, however, do not fall in this category, however. Well, not entirely. On Christmas Eve, I plugged my old Canon Digital Rebel XT into my new Apple MacBook Pro and things were not all glorious and happy. One, my computer did not immediately recognize my camera at all. This is not good, right? I had it plugged in and turned on and there was no indication that the lights were on. Nothing. This was not a good sign.

I set about looking for the software online. I knew roughly where the software was for my camera but this was not going to do me any good with a computer that had no optical drive to run the disc in. A minor complication. You would think that this would be something that Canon would keep on their website under the support files and documents. The only files that I could find, however, were the updater files, not the installation files. This was not very helpful.

After a little bit of research I was able find a more recent version of the software to install and then run the updater on. Doing this at least got me to a point where when the camera was plugged in and turned on the camera’s lights where on. Unfortunately, at this point the software does not recognize the camera.

I am disappointed that it looks like I might be forced into using iPhoto to recover the pictures off my camera at this point. I will actually use a card reader before I am forced to do that. Now to remember what I did with the card reader. I wonder if the old card reader that I have will actually work with the newer cards or if I will be forced to upgrade it too. This is something I had not thought about. I am sure there is a reasonable work around, I just have to find it.

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