Worry or not?

I am not sure if I should be worried or not. Texas does not handle the cold well. In all fairness, though, if you send the cold and it turns out that the cold and rain turns out to be nothing but an ice storm that really is not a fair mix. At least if it is just rain and cold it is just wet and miserable. At least if it is snow and cold it is something to enjoy. If it is ice and cold it is hard, cold, miserable and down right dangerously slippery. I am not kidding. Do you think that Texans have any idea how to drive on rain slicked roads? No, not exactly. Turn those rain slicked roads into ice rinks and you suddenly have something from the icecapades. It is not really funny. I am not joking.

The not so funny thing for me right now is that I was really hoping to have my new mixer parts today. I was really looking forward to it. They were sent on Tuesday. They were shipped US Priority Mail via the 2-3 day mail option. That would have put it here by Friday at the latest. That is giving it a day for a grace period. Here we are at Friday and my mixer parts have not arrived. I am incredibly disappointed. I was really looking forward to putting my mixer back together and whipping together something yummy with it. When I used the given tracking number for the package, it just reports that it has been shipped and that the electronic shipping information has been received. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Incidentally, I checked the tracking information for the sleeping bags I ordered on Black Friday. These are the boys’ (and Ben’s) sleeping bags for Philmont. They were shipped on the 2nd. They were shipped 3-5 day UPS ground. So that would put them here somewhere between the 5th and 7th. Still within that time frame. They are currently sitting on an UPS trailer in Mesquite, TX. They did get unloaded from the trailer for redistribution last night. I suspect it was a weather issue. The UPS website says to expect 1 day delay for delivery. That notice was posted on the 4th. I imagine since I have not received it yet and everything is iced over in Central and Northern Texas, I should expect 2 days delay because we will have a Sunday in between there.

It is rather frustrating with things like this. I know that I would not go out in the weather when it is iced over but this is just crazy. I really wanted my mixer parts. I cannot make cookies. I cannot make pies. I cannot do anything without it. I was really looking forward to getting back into the baking and hopefully lifting my mood some more getting back into the Christmas spirit some more. I suppose it will just have to wait a few more days.

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  1. Hey Stacey, as one here in the Metroplex being affected the by weather–it can't be avoided, as much as it is a hassle. Todd took a big chance driving on Friday after the ice storm and it took him 2 hrs to make a trip that usually takes 40 mins. . .the roads were horrible. So, it impacts everything here with all the ice on both highways and smaller roads. They have big trucks to treat the major highways but it doesn't go far enough to handle the severity of the ice. Hope you get everything this week once we get back to normal here in DFW. 🙂

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