KOHS Orchestra Booster Club Fundraiser

Normally, I would not push this stuff on my blog, but as the Klein Oak High School Orchestra Booster Club President, I kind of feel obligated to toot my own horn here. It is in the best interest of the organization that I chose to represent for the year…so here it goes…

On Sunday, December 8, 2013, the Klein Oak High School Orchestra is playing at Barnes & Noble in The Woodlands, Texas. The Orchestra Booster Club will be there wrapping gifts for the patrons of the store.

I will openly admit that this is one of our fundraisers for the year. The Orchestra Students will be playing for tips. The Orchestra Parents will be wrapping for tips. I am not shy about the intentions of this whole thing.

I know that many of you will not be able to make it on Sunday. I understand the reasons. Whether it be that it is just simply a Sunday (I know. I know.) or that it is just too far. I get it. Do not worry, if you cannot make it to The Woodlands, Texas on Sunday you can still help out this good cause.

If you still want to help out with this fundraiser, go to: http://bn.com/bookfairs between December 8th and December 12th AND enter in the Bookfair ID # 11222858 at checkout.

A percentage of your purchase will go to support the KOHS Orchestra Booster Club. 

ALL proceeds earned by the KOHS Orchestra Booster Club go back to support the Educational Opportunities of the KOHS Orchestra. That’s right, everything that we earn in this fundraiser go backs to help the orchestra – the kids.

Our goal for this year was to raise roughly $7,000 to cover “educational experiences” for the KOHS Orchestra. That is our purpose for existence. This money is to cover the “instrument clinicians” that come to the school and help the students in their instruments either during class or after school. This occurs on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the instrument. This can be expensive, but we cover this cost so that every student benefits in these group sessions at no cost to them. The response and improvement from these clinicians has been phenomenal. Improvement is its greatest reward. 

To date we are less than $800 dollars short of our fundraising goals for the year!!! I know that with all of your help we can reach that…

Please if you are going to buy any books this next week, help out a good cause. Help further the musical education of some really fantastic kids.

These kids are amazing and are going to bring some amazing music and cheer at The Woodlands Barnes & Noble.

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