I finally did it

I am not a technotard as people like to call people that are really technology challenged. I just do not like to roll out to the latest and greatest right away. Usually it is not all that it is cracked up to be.

For example, iOS 7 had been known initially for causing seasickness of sorts for users. I was not interested when I read this tidbit of information. I am a migraine sufferer and one of my triggers is weird motions and so I was not the least bit interested in a weird migraine trigger when looking at my cell phone. Nope. Not interested.

As a result, I did not upgrade my iOS on my iPhone 5. I just resisted the urge even though it kept nagging me with that little red bubble on my phone.

To be real honest with you, I had not even plugged my cell phone into my new computer since I got it because I have been too busy with other things to back it up properly and deal with it so that was another reason I was not in a big hurry to upgrade to iOS 7. I just had not backed up my phone in a long time.

I had in all fairness used my favorite little app, “Transfer App,” to transfer some video and photos from my phone to my computer over the wi-fi because I do not like iPhoto, but that was as close as my iPhone and my new MacBook Pro had gotten to synching to each other – through a third party app. Never had they connected to each other directly and never wired together with a data transfer cable of any kind.

Why today?

I needed to charge my phone. That simple.

I needed to have my phone nearby where I could use it just in case a client called. He was supposed to have already called at this point, but I needed it handy to use. The nearest charging plug was too far away for me to use my phone. I was ultimately too lazy to move it and try to figure out how to put it where I could still talk on it while it charged.

I was sitting there with a perfectly good charging station in my lap. Why bother? Just plug it in and go. It needed to be backed up anyway, now was as good of a time as any, right?

So it got plugged in and I synched it all in one fell swoop.

The problem? I dislike iPhoto. It automatically started to download my photos and video from my phone. Really? I do not want it to. It is not cool! So I had to stop that. I had to make sure that I stopped it in a way from it deleting the same photos and videos so I could use a proper “Transfer App” to transfer them without cluttering up my MacBook Pro’s limited solid state hard drive.

See I had to make a decision when I got my new laptop – beautiful display or really big hard drive. Not both. There were some trade offs but the trade off had some benefits. I will not lie to you about those. It was a decision between extremely comfortable on my very picky eye balls or a really big hard drive. When the decision came down to me wanting a really big hard drive or spending a minute to refocus my eyes every single time I look at my laptop screen…the visual pleasure won a thousand times down. There was no question. The trade off there? Small hard drive.

Ultimately I still won because the smaller hard drive means that I got a much faster hard drive. Not much of a loss there, is it? Then again when it comes down to it, the smaller hard drive was still much larger than what I was working with before so it still was not a loss. Win-win! So I gave up the really big hard drive for 15″ of pure retina beauty and a super fast solid state drive that is let me just say completely awesome. I am completely in love with it. I was not so sure about it when I started, but after working with my other screen and this one the difference on my eyes is amazing. The reviews of people that had visual issues similar to mine were 100% true. It does make a difference.

Of course, this is about my iPhone and how I came to update my iOS to iOS 7 today instead of prolonging the agony even longer. I could have, I am sure. I figured what the heck it was time. My laziness was what pushed me over the edge today. The fact that I still did not feel well enough to deal with people and juggling and just dealing with crap and shuffling…well I did it…

My children will be proud of me.

How do I feel about it? 

I do not like it. It hurts my eyes. That was immediate. The first thing I did when I got into my phone was figure out how to turn the brightness down on it. I do not live on the freaking sun. I do not need the brightness turned up to the high heavens. It was not that bright before, why do you think I need it that bright now? A little adjustment and it was better. I did not want to darken my screen too much.

Next up was the font was too small. Yes. I said that. Yes. You heard me right. I wear bifocals for crying out loud and have for years. I value what is left of my vision (hence the bit about the visual beauty and comfort on the laptop above). Visual comfort is a BIG DEAL to me. I was NOT experiencing visual comfort at that moment. In fact, in fact I was experiencing anything BUT visual comfort. It was down right uncomfortable. I was NOT happy about it.

Fortunately, fiddling around in the settings some more I was able to bump the text size up a notch and make it a bit easier to see. I have never had to do this before. That was not a good feeling for me to have. Why would I need to do it now? Frankly I think it is because someone whacked their head a little too hard during a game of whack a moron at Apple because that was crazy uncomfortable to look at. I mean I was fiddling with all of the “accessibility settings” trying to make it comfortable for me an average 37 year user to use. Not cool Apple, not cool!

Still with the brightness dialed back and the font size dialed up, I was uncomfortable. I am not happy at this point. My pretty iPhone 5 was ugly to look at. It was down right ugly. It was juvenile and unpleasing to my eye. Not cool! I am not sure which design school they went to but ugh. How obnoxious! For the teenagers out there, sure. For those of us in the much more mature category, not so much.

I found a setting that allowed me to invert stuff. That made things worse. Not good. Finally I found one that allowed me to increase the contrast. I tried that one. It helped. At least I can function at this point.

I tried messing with the backgrounds. No go. I am functioning but limping along.

So I had the brilliant idea to go and update all my Apps while I was at it. I am shaking my head at this point. I am truly feeling for all of you out there that do not like change. I understand. I do not like it either but I realize and know that it is what it is and we must move forward. I embrace it and go with it.

Well some changes are not always good. The movement on my phone is going to take some getting used to. It is a little much. It is a little overkill if you ask me. This is not a windows phone. If I wanted one of those, I would have bought one. If I wanted windows flying all over the place I would have bought a windows based device. Instead I bought an Apple device! I am an Apple kind of girl. I liked iOS 6. I was happy. It made me happy to look at my comfortable screen and it even made me smile. Siri and I had some laughs together. I have not tried Siri yet. Maybe I should go do that…maybe she’ll make me feel better about the change…

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