Can I just say that I am proud of Lance?

He started piano lessons about a month ago and I am very proud of his progress. I was a little worried about how well he would take to it as he is just my child that does not like to try things at all sometimes. “It is too hard!” I hear it a lot. “I don’t understand” is followed by an immediate shut down and no following effort. It can be very frustrating when we are trying to get homework done.

That being said, however, he wanted to take piano lessons. He had shown an interest for a little while but finding a teacher is not always easy. A lot of the good teachers have waiting lists as long as your arm. We are talking 18 months to 2 years long.

We pretty much bribed someone to be a teacher. Let me clarify. The teacher we are using was not even an active teacher. We had this impression she was totally qualified and capable of handling at the very least Lance, but possibly Kyle so we asked her if she was interested. She was not at first but did think about it.

This person is the individual who is teaching our two youngest children. It does not solve the problem with our advanced player, Andrew, but we did find a teacher for the younger two. They started a month ago.

Lance will have his fifth lesson this morning. Kyle obviously will not because he is off at Scout Camp still this week.

We still have not gotten back into the perfect routine of practice. I will confess to never being into the perfect routine of making the kids practice. Andrew will confess to never fully getting the need for practice until he hit high school and he had to practice to keep up with his peers in orchestra. One day they understand, it just clicks and they understand. Either they are driven or it is a fight. I am pleased to announce that Lance does not fight practice as of yet. He does not enjoy it per say, but he does not fight it. I will confess to not making him practice more than he is willing most of the time. It might be 3 times through on a song he has to do, but at least he practiced, right?

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