Day Camp is almost here

I can say that I am glad that Cub Scout Day Camp is almost here. I am not sure how I ended up organizing everything this year, but it ended up that way and here we are with just a few more days to go before camp starts. I am truly grateful that this is all we have left. I am not sure that I can take any more than that.

This was truly a test of my patience. I should say that I am grateful that I gave up Diet Coke over a year ago. If had not, I probably would have taken it back up again. It is not worth it at this point. I started craving it again off and on throughout this process. I did not think that getting this far out from it that I would crave it as badly as I have the past week, but alas I have. The truth is that I can have one at any time. I can. I can walk out to my fridge and have one. There is a solo can hanging around in there. I could have grabbed one at the store the other day. I just have not. I do not want one. I do not want to go back there.

The difference is that even though last night when we were taking down (to put away) the big 6-foot table in the gym at the church after Pack Meeting and I thought Lance had a good hold on the other end of the table, he did not. He was not fully paying attention. He was watching the action at the other end of the gym so when I pulled the table, it twisted and slipped and it fell right on top of my foot. Yes, it still hurts this morning. The difference is that a year ago I would have gotten really bent out of shape at him. Last night, I simply turned and looked at him, saw that he was not holding the table (clearly it was laying on the floor and my foot), and said “I thought you were holding the table.” He just shrugged his shoulders and said he was sorry and that was the end of it. My foot however has decided that it is not the end of it.

The difference is that I am more mellow and level headed a year later. I do not fly off the handle as often. I “can” cope with stressful situations that I did not think that I could cope with before. I used to use the Diet Coke to cope with the stress. It was my little piece of bliss in a can/bottle. Little did I know that it was also probably my little piece of “high strung” in a bottle. Now I am much more mellow.

Anyway, this is not about my Diet Coke habit and how I have managed to go 1 year and 1 month without it. This is about how Day Camp is 5 days away.

Last night we had Pack Meeting. It was our “information” meeting about Day Camp. The meeting was announced a month ago. I was surprised at how few people showed up. Honestly surprised. I am very saddened by it actually. I should not take it personally, but honestly after the past couple of weeks I have had I don’t know how I should take it. Clearly people do not think enough of Cub Scouts or the Cub Scout leaders to make it a priority or to get their child there. There I said it. I called it how I see it at this moment in time. That is how I feel right now. After the past couple of weeks and the incidents I have dealt with, I am feeling pretty matter of fact about it actually.

They do not feel it important enough to find out about camp to actually show up to the information meeting. So what does this mean? It means that I am now going to have to do even more work to get the information out to parents. It means that I am going to have to deal with more questions. I am going to have deal with more crap come Tuesday morning. Frankly, I don’t want to.

This is not rocket science, yet you would think it is. We are not performing brain surgery, yet you would think we are.

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