Addicted to green?

I have to say that I really do love the strange quirks of some of my children. One of them in particular is that Lance, the youngest son, clearly is addicted to green. If you ask him what color he wants of something he will respond without hesitation most of the time. If you are someone who should “know” what color he wants by default, he will usually respond, “Do you even have to ask?” Not that he is trying to be rude, but really should his mother have to ask him? The child only ever picks green. Should I ask that question for the billionth time? If green is available as an option, Lance will pick it. It really does not matter what shade of green, if green is an option, Lance will choose green every single time.

As you can see here, Lance is quite content with his green choices. I snapped this picture as we were getting in the car before school. He had a coupon that allowed him to take a “small” stuffed animal to school and let it sit on his desk. More on that in a minute. Here he is decked out in his “Angry Birds Space” t-shirt. It is green, of course. Believe it or not I have not spent much time buying him green clothing. I have some limitations. I have found that finding him green neckties for church is much harder than I thought it would be. We have found some. Now if I could just find him a green bow tie that is not super expensive. He is carrying his green back pack and his green lunch box. And of course, the green stuffed frog.

Incidentally, the green stuffed frog has his own stuffed frog that is also green. The stuffed frog was his little Easter surprise this year – a frog with a frog. Maybe I can get a better picture of the frog at another time.

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