This is Kyle, my ray of light today

I was taking a picture of Lance this morning as we were heading out to the car. Kyle actually walked us out this morning which is not a common procedure. I guess he was ready for school earlier than usual.

I could not resist snapping a quick picture of him as well. Since he has reached that age where they run from the camera, I was happy to get this picture. There is no hand in the way blocking the view of his handsome face. You can even see the cute shirt we found for him.

He was my sunshine this morning. My mouth has really started to hurt more than I have the tolerance for. I have a feeling that this is something more than just a sinus infection that is lingering. The pain in my face is not getting better after two weeks on antibiotics. I am feeling better physically, so the “illness” part of the sinus infection is finally starting to lift, but the pain in my right cheek has not lifted. In fact, the pain has gotten worse in the past three weeks instead of better. I have been on antibiotics for over four weeks between the two rounds I have taken. I was off of them for about a week in that time period where I got sicker again instead of better. I returned to the doctor and thus got the second round of antibiotics. The sinus infection was in fact worse again – my sinus cavities were packed and both of my ears were full of fluid. I have to say that I did start to feel better on that second round of antibiotics, but the pain never lifted.

I just need the pain to go away. I really do hate it when sinus infections settle down in your teeth and the pain is in your jaw. It is not uncommon. It happens. It really does stink. I suspect that I might have abscessed some of the infection from my sinus cavities in behind a tooth or two. This has happened before as the roots are close to my sinus cavities and when the sinuses get really inflamed it can cause issues. The fact that I have adult teeth in the roof of my mouth that are even closer to them that remain there behind baby teeth that never fell out only complicate matters. So my suspicion is that I have pain from an infection or abscess behind a tooth. The pain is running from my jaw to my ear and from one or two particular teeth up my face. It is running up my right cheek along my nose in behind my right eye.

The pain has been bad enough since Thursday to trigger headaches and facial pain that I have started taking Advil for it. Since Advil makes my bladder spasm, you know I have to be pretty desperate to break down and take that. I have had bladder spasms with any form of ibuprophen since I had my bladder surgery along with my hysterectomy in January 2011. Quite literally it spasms enough that it is like I had a failed bladder surgery. I start to pee on myself to put it quite bluntly. It happens within a couple of hours of the first dose and it is as if I had never had the surgery. Fortunately, I am not returned to the state I was in shortly before I had the surgery but I just shake my head and remind myself that I did have surgery to fix these issues and this is only temporary. I also remind myself that one dose does not undo that surgery. I will not lie that I did not miss staying dry when I sneezed. I did not miss those mad dashes to the bathroom. I do not like those strange sensations that tell me I have to relieve myself but when I get there in spite the feeling, I do not get relief because my bladder has changed its mind upon arrival.

Unfortunately, however, the Advil was the last ditched effort to get some relief from the pain racing through my face. When the pain has caused jaw clenching and the clenching is aggravating area that hurts, yet your natural response to pain is to clench your jaw, you are really stuck in a catch twenty-two. You just simply hurt. The pain is bad. It sucks. There is no way around it. This morning, I just need the pain to ease up.

This morning, seeing Kyle’s smiling face was a little ray of sunshine that in all of the pain, I have kids that love me. In all of the pain, even Lance’s green fetish is a bright spot in my dark place right now. They remind me that in spite of the pain there is a happier place and I need to get back there. I am reminded that I needed to take a few minutes for me and get back to that. I am putting in a call to the dentist this morning and am going to find out what is going on in my mouth. I am pretty sure it is not my sinuses any more.

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