We did not wander

Last night mom and I decided when we looked up the exact location of the Sprouts Farmers Market in Katy, TX that we were not going to wander out to the Grand Opening Celebration. Why not when I was so excited about it? I am a practical person. It is an hour drive one way. That should explain it right there. I am a realistic individual. If it had been a thirty minute drive, I would have been okay with that. Even if it had been a little further than that I would have been still okay with that, but an hour drive both ways is really pushing it. That is especially true after wandering around a store in excessive crowds.

The blurb I read about the grand opening said they were expecting the crowds to start forming at 6:00AM for a 7:00AM opening. Since we would not be able to leave this side of town until 8:30AM, that would mean considerably excessive crowds if we think back to the Trader Joe’s Grand Opening day. That was only a thirty minute drive away and we arrived by 9:00AM or shortly thereafter. To put us arriving at Sprouts at closer to 9:30AM or even closer to 10:00AM by the time we get out of mom’s house, that only gives more times for crowds to build. I am not okay with that if I still have to spend a couple of hours wandering around an overly crowded store. Again, I am flashing back to our experience with the grand opening at Trader Joe’s. Then I still have an hour drive home to this side of town.

After careful consideration, we decided we would just wait the additional 21 days until our very local and right in our back yard store to open up. The anticipation might kill me in the meantime, but at least I will not have wasted precious hours of my life for an experience that I can have just 1.5 miles from home. I am not only practical, I am very reasonable.

Hurry up April 17th, get here faster.

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