More signs of Spring

We woke up to cold temperatures again this morning. They were right at 32F this morning upon leaving to take Lance to school. That is a little cold for this time of year.

This afternoon picking Lance up from school, we were back up to 70F. This is a nice sign that we have Spring firmly upon us and it is here to stay.

The ultimate sign of Spring resides in our front yard, however. As seeing I do not have the green thumb, this always brings a smile to my face. These bushes make me happy. Since we did the yard work over Spring Break earlier this month, I will confess to being a little worried about these maybe not doing as well.

These bright red blooms springing forth all over these bushes are just more evidence that they are doing just fine. The bees flying around are even more evidence that Spring is here and Summer is not too far off.

Welcome Spring…

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