Texas Sunset

Today was a beautiful day. It really was. The weather was lovely.

This evening for Cub Scouts we took them to the Barbara Bush Library (in the Harris County Public Library system) so that we could learn about the library, learn about getting a library card (and get them), and check out library books. We also learned how to do a little research using almanacs. It was a great hour. I am truly grateful for patient librarians after seeing the curiosity of that bunch of boys bounding out with her. They were so vibrant and energetic with their questions and stories.

When we came out of the library, we were greeted by this…

Okay, so in actuality, when we came out it was still pretty light out but after waiting for the parents to pick up the boys the sun start to set pretty quickly. As I was standing there in the parking lot talking with one of the other leaders (and my friend), Valerie Murphy, this is what began to unfold before our very eyes. Amazing.

Valerie and I grabbed our iPhones and snapped a couple of pictures. This was too pretty to miss. Gorgeous!

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