Upon driving past this parking lot again, I took notice. I noticed yesterday when my brother, Jonathan, and I were at Freebirds World Burrito but it hit me today that they really did put the sign up with lots of advance notice…

It said “Coming Spring 2013” and with an email correspondence, I know that the store will be opening April 2013. However, here we are before March 2013 and the sign for the store is already up and highly visible for everyone to see. For what it is worth, the sign on the store front itself is not up yet. In fact, it is less evident as to where the actual store is going to be. If you look you can figure it out, but they are working diligently and moved things around so the signage that was there is no longer there to indicate where it might be.

At any rate, I am starting to get really anxious about the new grocery store coming near me…soon.

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