Texas Pride?

There is never a shortage of pride in the state of Texas. You will find it everywhere. The people who have been here a long time wear it on their faces. You can find it in our food as it is just tasty. If you go to a particular store, it really shows. H-E-B has tortilla chips that are even shaped like our great state. Like I said, tasty pride.

You can even find it when you are not looking…

A Texas shaped cutting board? What can I say, we like our state and we’re not afraid to show it. When you have a state that is shaped nicely and it is uniquely shaped and it is interesting to look at when you draw it out why not show it off. Yes, I am proud to admit that I found a Texas shaped, wooden cutting board at the grocery store in our great state of Texas. Where else would I find it?

Now to bring myself to buy one…that is a different story entirely. I live here, I do not need to own a Texas shaped cutting board. I did, however, snap the picture and send it to my friend, Devon Lee, who has moved from the state. At less than $16 she can show her Texas pride in a state far away from here.

I have to confess that it would make a great party entertaining piece for cheese and crackers on a buffet table. Heck does it need to be used for food at all? Paint it and hang it on the wall. It is Texas shaped!!! Oh and notice the “Made in the USA” sticker? Yep.

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