An orchestra recital

Tonight I had the unique opportunity to listen to my son play his cello again. They did a “recital” instead of a concert. Yes, you read that right, they did a recital instead of a big concert. Solo and ensemble contests were coming up and I am not entirely sure why they decided to do this, but I am kind of glad that they did. They divided the children up and let them perform for their parents their ensemble pieces. I am not sure about their solo pieces as I did not hear any of those in the room that we were in. At any rate it was a nice evening of musical talent.

Andrew’s quartet. Andrew is on the right with the cello.

Part of the cello choir. They were waiting for the rest of the group to show up. Some of the children were divided up in the other rooms for their other performances. Andrew is the fine looking young man on the right.

The cello choir warming up while they are waiting for their other members to finish their performances.

The cello choir still warming up, or maybe they were tuning.

The cello choir still warming up. The thing that I like about this picture is that when I got a good look at the line-up, I noticed that the two martial artists are on the ends. Quintin is on the left end of the row and Andrew on the right. They both go to the same karate school and I am not entirely sure either of them should be trusted with a bow considering their martial arts training as they could be considered armed and dangerous. You would never know it looking at them that you do not want to pick a fight with them. They really are good kids.

What makes cello players so happy? Just look at some of their faces? It is undeniable.

Tuning with Mr. Ledford supervising? He was was making sure that every one was where they needed to be and doing what they needed to be doing while they were waiting for the others to finish their other performances. Cello choir is his “baby” so to speak.

I really love the cello choir.

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