Bracing for it

While the bulk of the country is bracing for the “coldest days of winter yet,” here in Gulf Coast Texas we are preparing for what looks like is going to be a beautiful day. The thing is, much like the rest of the country, we do not have an option in this weather. We are being plunged head first into it whether we like it or not. Kicking and screaming even, we do not have a choice. We have to take the weather here as it comes.

Earlier this morning was looking pretty bleak with the cloud cover and the fog, but the clear blue skies now are indicative of the beauty we are facing the rest of the day. We have two choices here, we can enjoy the weather or we can choose not to enjoy it. Frankly, I put on my Capri pants, my short sleeved t-shirt and my sandals. My take was that I was going to suck it up until the temperature warmed up because today is going to be beautiful and I am going to enjoy it.

If we do not enjoy it now when we are not going to see those frigid temperatures that the majority of the country is facing right now and we certainly are not going to see any of that fluffy white stuff falling from the skies, then we will forget the beauty that we see in the days here. Before too long we will be seeing 80 degree days, quickly followed by 90 degree days without ceasing, sprinkled with more than our fair share of 100 degree days.

I will take the 70 degree days now. They are lovely. They are comfortable.


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