How do you stuff a steak?

I actually made dinner tonight in spite of not feeling well and staying home from church with a sick child.

I have a sinus infection and should be back to myself in a couple of days. My worst problem is the inability to sleep laying down. So the lack of quality sleep is awful and catching up with me. I saw the doctor on Friday morning and like I said, I should be feeling better soon. She took pity on me and prescribed me an antibiotic to treat the sinus infection and the diverticulitis flare up I am experiencing. I came home Friday and slept for about three hours taking a dose and I woke up feeling marginally better. Tonight, I am feeling a tad better. So I should be improving more over the next few days. Unfortunately, Lance started coughing on Friday night. It got worse yesterday. It is pretty constant today.

Regardless, I managed to pull myself together and make dinner while Ben and the other two boys were at church. I just threw it in the crock pot so do not at like it was a feat of any kind. It was not. Kyle asked what it was when they got home. I called it stuffed steak. He asked how you stuffed a steak. He said it was not possible.

Little does he know…

I have made the recipe before, but I did not have the ingredients for this go around, so I was going to have to improvise. It was not a problem per say. I did not have round steaks, for example. I had flank steaks instead. I was not worried. The recipe called for spaghetti sauce, I cannot eat that. I was going to have to use something for myself. Fortunately, I have a split pot for my crock pot so I can do both at the same time. I also did not have all the veggies it called for. Not to worry there as a had two boxes of frozen vegetable blend that I could use that was similar to what I needed per the recipe, just not the same.

After about 4.5 to 5 hours in the crock pot, in the divided pot, I had two stuffed steaks. Actually, they were Steak Rolls more than stuffed steaks.

One of them I made with Alfredo sauce. I have to say that this looked very nice. The vegetables started to fall out of the end of the roll. I have to say that I was too lazy to tie the roll so that it would stay tight. That might have helped, but I had a lot of vegetables in the roll and I just needed it to stay together long enough to get into the pot. Unfortunately, there were things in this vegetable blend that had things in it that are not diet limitations friendly for me. Namely it had bell peppers in it. I picked around them. Otherwise it was fine for this purpose. I used a refrigerated Alfredo sauce not a jarred sauce for this. It worked fine.

The other one I made with spaghetti sauce. This one broke down a bit more than the other one. The vegetables fell out a bit more as well when I picked it up out of the crock pot. All in all, it looked fine and cooked fine, it just cooked down into a smaller roll than the Alfredo roll did. It was fine. I just had to scoop all the vegetables back out of the sauce in the pot.

Still it was enough to make Kyle ask “how do you stuff a steak?” He looked incredibly concerned. He was not too sure about it. At all. He had real concerns.

He was not ready to have vegetables either. I made him have vegetables. The roll fell apart as he scooped a slice onto his plate.

All in all it was good. The boys liked it.

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