An end of a season

Today I have brought my laptop to an end of a season. It has been an ongoing battle for a time now for space on my ever disappearing hard drive. I have deleted stuff and deleted stuff and deleted stuff. Still the useable space ranged from six to eight gigabytes. The realization came today that the time had come to just blow away an entire partition on my overused and undersized hard drive. The realization? I have not touched my Windows XP partition running in VM Ware Fusion in a few months. I have not needed it. I have not touched it. I do not need it. It is taking up valuable space. It is not upgradable on my laptop that is stuck in the land of no upgrades. It is not doing anything but taking up space and it is virtually wasted space. Today I blew it away. I looked up how to manually uninstall an old installation of VM Ware Fusion and remove the partition from the drive. It was not a huge gain in space, but I can honestly say that I now have more than eight gigabytes of hard drive space at my disposal. I went from six and change gigabytes to eighteen and change gigabytes of free space on my hard drive by simply removing my unused VM Ware Fusion installation on my overtaxed antique MacBook Pro’s hard drive. This will begin the stall of time. It is fine. It is still running. It is still adequate in most ways aside from its inadequate hard drive and it being stuck in the land of no more upgrades.

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