Go ahead, try to take me seriously

One of the gifts that was exchanged this year for Christmas was something that was a lot of fun. It was requested by Lance and Kyle. It was the Madagascar 3 movie complete with rainbow afro wig. It was not the movie that brought so much enjoyment Christmas day, however.

I am not sure at which point the wig came out of the package, but it came out all the same. The laughter began as did the breaking out in chorus of the “Afro Circus” song from the movie.

Not only did the wig come out, it went around the room. Those of us brave enough…to not take ourselves seriously took a chance. These are the ones I caught with the camera…

This is my brother-in-law, Dan Kudlicki. His was the first picture I caught in the act. Here he was putting the wig on.

You cannot take yourself seriously when wearing this wig. I am not entirely sure anyone else can take you seriously either. This was so fitting for Dan, don’t you think? It was certainly a new look.

It certainly made his receiving of this gift a bit more cheerful. This was a box full of paint balls for the paint ball guns. In spite what he said, they were not gumballs. I think he needs a comb, he’s got some fly away hairs on the back there.

Now I could not let Dan have all the fun. This wig was quite comfortable. You could not take yourself seriously when wearing it, however. Check out how well it matches my new pashmina shawl and my new pajamas. It is perfect! There is definitely some thinning hairline issues in the front, however.

Next up was my sister, Ann Kudlicki. She looks like everything was feeling a-okay right at that moment. Like I said, this wig was worth more than what was paid for it. Totally worth it. I thought it was just a joke and whim for the two kids that asked for it. It came with the movies, but it really did take your cares away for those few minutes you had it on. It made everything else seem less important for just a minute or two.

I am not sure how my sister, Jennifer Mowrer, missed out on the camera snapping her picture, but she did. I cannot remember my brother, Jonathan Hellewell, wearing the wig. I do remember Ben wearing the wig, but I could not find a picture of him wearing it. I do not have pictures of the kids wearing the wig. I must have been falling down on the job and slacking at taking pictures. I’ll have to try harder the next time the wig goes around the room.

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