A warmer seventh week

The cooler weather was nice while it lasted but alas it did not last long. I am sure that we will start to cool down again soon enough, but as always we will always have the ups and downs. We got back up to near 90˚F yesterday. That was a bit warm after having days that were near 70˚F. Maybe it was just me complaining more because of the medicine I am on for the sinus infection that I have. At least the weather overall has been nice in spite of the temperature ups and downs.

Week six we brought the total up to 204.5 miles.

This week finished up week seven. It was a little harder week for me with sinus infection and the medicine. I was just tired. Two days of practically no sleep–2 hours and 1 hour respectively. Fortunately, they were not back to back. There was a day of decent sleep in between because I literally just crashed.

In spite of all that, we managed to ride every day. This brought my total up to 244.5 miles.

Another good week over all. Looks like another good week ahead. It looks like the rain for Sunday and maybe some on Wednesday. Of course the way that our forecasts change, it could all be cleared from the forecast in a few hours.

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