Happy Birthday, Lance!

It is hard to believe that 8 years ago, this kid joined our family and wow all the difference he has made. I cannot imagine our family without him. He adds that unique finishing touch to it. His happy and unique personality is just what I need some days.

This morning, after I woke up and came out mostly ready for church, Lance smiled at me. I wished him a happy birthday and gave him a hug and kiss. Evidently his father had already been terrorizing him about how old he really was. He really is 8, but there was some discussion between him and his father about whether or not he was 5 or 6…

Lance looks at me and says, “I brought you a birthday bag.” It just happened to be green, his favorite color. He had a totally sweet and innocent look on his face. How can you deny that look? I asked, “Am I supposed to put something in that bag?” I got a very quick, “yes” in response. So I quickly went in to my stash of birthday gifts and found a little something to stash in his “birthday bag.”

He was delighted. It was not something that he had specifically asked for in the previous few days on the list we muscled out of him, verifying what he wanted. This made it a total surprise. I found it when I was shopping at Half Price Books on Saturday and it reminded me of the request a few weeks earlier and I just had to get him one. I knew he would like it. This one has been named “The Toad 692.” We are not entirely sure, but we have been corrected on the pronunciation and emphasis. This is very specific. The bullfrog is named, “The Toad 692.”

After a day at church, he was ready to come home and dive right into the presents. Of course, mom did not oblige him. He had to wait until all the work in the kitchen was done and the guests arrived. Sorry, kid.

Lance requested pizza for dinner. Here he is giving his thumbs up for the pizza crusts that are ready to go in the oven and become his pizza dinner. With family coming, we need a lot. Grandma and grandpa Hellewell were coming, so were Aunt Jennifer, cousin Katlynn, and Uncle Jonathan. It takes a lot of pizza to feed that many people. Mom likes to make extra so there are leftovers.

Three of the six pizzas ready and waiting for guests to arrive. Lance specifically requested the miniature pepperonis so that is what he got. Here are two pepperoni pizzas and one chicken alfredo pizza.

There was the requested Wall-E cake made by mom. Of course, the colors are not quite right. The grey was a tad more green than should be, but for my green loving child it did not seem to phase him.

(left to right) Grandma Hellewell, Lance, Uncle Jonathan, Grandpa Hellewell

After all that pizza, there was cake and ice cream…Here he is covering his mouth and nose from the smell of the smoke from the candles? I am not entirely sure? He was complaining about how fast the candles were melting too. We actually had to remind him to blow the candles out. It was quite humorous.

Then it was time for presents.

Lance got two packages of iced animal cookies. What can make a boy happier? His very own supply of cookies. He did volunteer to share with his brothers though. Very proud of him.

He got some books to read. He was very excited about these. He got two Paddington Bear books to read. He has fallen totally in love with Paddington Bear since we brought back a Paddington Bear and a collection book from London a year ago. He slowly made his way through the stories, but he read them. He has asked for more, but they have been hard to find at affordable prices (or sometimes even in print). I struck it lucky when I found them on the shelf at Half Price Books on Saturday and found two of them! The third book is the second book in another series he is reading.

This was one of the biggest hits. This was the one specific gifts he asked for. The Lego Hero Factory with the motorcycle. He actually hugged and rubbed his face on the box. He got another Lego Hero Factor figure as well but the villain on the motorcycle won the hugged box.

Katlynn painted him a little piggy bank. He also go a cool zip-lining Iron Man figure.

Kyle started his piggy bank filling, he put in 10¢.

Lance could not wait to get the Legos out and start building with them. He wanted to put them together right away.

Of course, the fun was not all for the birthday boy. Jonathan entertained himself with a game of “Bad Piggies” on his iPhone.

Jonathan got Andrew playing the “Bad Piggies” game as well. Sharing the entertainment is always the most fun, right?

All in all, it was a happy birthday for Lance. He got what he wanted for his birthday. Well, he got everything except for the Avengers movie. What he does not know is what mommy knows. Some things just have to be kept in reserve for other times of the year.

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