There are days…

There are days when you just do not want to hear “What’s for dinner?” come from your child’s mouth. Today was one of those days. I have those days from time to time. I have no desire to cook. I have no desire to look at food. I have no desire to figure out what anyone is in the mood to eat, let alone myself. I just do not want to do it.

I will be honest that I did look at the cookbook and I did figure out a couple of items that looked good, but I did not have the desire or the energy to actually cook them. I just did not have any “want to” today. I could not muster it. So when my precious children started asking, “What’s for dinner, mom?” I could not muster a smile. I mumbled, “food.” Nothing more, nothing less.

That does not go over well around here. They like me to be a little more specific than that. Never mind that I rarely serve them yucky food so that should be ample for them, but no it is not. They want me to be more specific. Of course they did not like my suggestion of “left overs” any better.

You would think that they are a picky bunch, but they are not really. I threw out sandwiches as a suggestion. They were happy as could be. Yes, my kids were content to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner. Well, Lance ate peanut butter straight up and I should add that he had a double helping of peanut butter. Kyle chimed in that I had plenty of bread to use up so this was the perfect dinner.

Somehow I ended up with eleven loaves of bread in the freezer. The children all plead the fifth when I asked them why I had this vague recollection of being told we were down to our last loaf of bread last week. Of course I guess I should have verified that before going Sam’s where I bought six loaves of bread. They are usually very good of telling me when there is a single loaf of bread left in the freezer. I took them at their word. I got home and went to put the bread in the freezer only to find that there were already five loaves of bread in there. So much for following the notion of “trust but verify.”

Anyway, tomorrow I will have to cook. I have a lot of chicken and ground beef I need to do something with. Cooking party at my house. Who is game? I also have buttermilk, so do you know what that means? That means there might be some cinnamon raisin bread involved. I spent part of today cleaning the kitchen just so I could have ample room to work just for the bread tomorrow. I will finish up with the cleaning in the morning. Just a few miscellaneous things to do.

Today, however, I did not cook dinner…

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