Quilts that are ready to be constructed…

Many of you may not know that due to popular request I have started offering quilting services for people on a first come first serve basis.

Now that we are approaching the holiday season, many of you may be looking for unique gifts that have “staying power” and I can honestly tell you that a quilt is one of the gifts that keeps on giving, especially with children. They love them!

I have these fabrics picked out, coordinated, and ready to go. Borders, backing, and binding will be selected once the quilts are constructed.

Quilt #1

Perfect for a girl.

These will be combined with solids or blender fabrics to create an overall delightful look.

Quilt #2

Perfect for a boy.

Some blues may be substituted with more greens and browns to create an overall bug-alicious and fun quilt.

Quilt #3

Perfect for a girl, especially a tween.

These spunky and fun colors are perfect for the tween girls in your life. They may be combined with solids or additional blenders.

Quilt #4

Perfect for a girl.

These may be combined with additional solids or blender colors to complete the all around relaxed, soft, and sweet look of the quilt.
Sizes available:
Currently I am only offering a few sizes, but will open up to other sizes in the future. Sizes being offered right now include:

  • Crib/Baby
  • Throw
  • Twin

How long does it take?
Please allow at least ONE MONTH before you requested deadline or there will be an additional rush charge.

Holiday orders will take approximately FOUR to SIX WEEKS for completion.

You will be placed on a list and your order will be completed in the order received. 

Each project takes time to collect the fabrics, cut the fabric, lay out the blocks so that the quilt top is unique, and then ultimately construct and quilt. Each fabric is pre-washed and pre-shrunk. These steps add time to the process because each piece of fabric must be pressed before cutting and sewing.

Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that I am only one person.

What will my quilt look like?
This will vary depending on the fabrics and theme selected. I consider each quilt a work of art and adjust accordingly. I think simple quilts a beautiful for their ability to accentuate the fabrics, but I am not opposed to complex patterns.

Be aware that complex patterns will incur additional charges. Applique is also available for additional charges. These charges are to help cover the additional labor that is involved in constructing these quilts.

Currently I am working with a few simple designs that offer a variety of different looks. They are based off squares and rectangles. Each quilt looks unique because of the fabrics being used and the rotation of the blocks.

Your binding and borders may very depending on the needs of your quilt.

Are there other items besides quilts available?
Yes. Please ask. Table runners and place mats are popular items as well, especially around the holidays. Their prices will vary.

What does it cost?
It is actually more affordable than one might think to have a quilt custom made. Please remember that there is a lot of materials and labor that goes into a quilt.

  • Crib/Baby – Cost of Materials + $75
  • Throw – Cost of Materials + $100
  • Twin – Cost of Materials + $125

Your materials will include all fabrics, batting, thread, and miscellaneous sewing notions that are used in the construction of your quilt.

The average baby quilt runs between $125-150 depending on the materials cost.

Rush charges are $25 per week. No prorate for partial weeks.

There is a $30 non-refundable deposit on all quilt orders, due before work begins. There is a $20 non-refundable deposit on all smaller non-quilt orders, due before work begins. Your deposit may very depending on the size of your order if ordering multiple items.

Shipping charges apply to all quilt orders that will be shipped. They will be shipped the cheapest way unless otherwise requested.

How do I order?
Email stacey@staceysansomdesigns.com and put “Quilt order” as the Subject.

Provide me with some details about the quilt size you are interested in as well as general details about what colors and prints that interest you in the body of the email. Also provide information on how to contact you in the body of the email.

I will try to respond to all inquiries within 1-2 business days.

Samples of work:

Baby quilt
Close up of Baby Quilt
Baby quilt

Baby quilt close up (sideways)

More samples coming soon.

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