Small accomplishments

I have learned that it is important to not overlook the small accomplishments when you have a house full of kids. It really does not matter how old they are, if they are young enough to be living at home and make a mess you learn to appreciate the small accomplishments.

For me that is as simple as a clean kitchen table.

It might not seem like a big deal, but if you knew what this table has been through for the past 12-13 years, you might change your tune a little bit. If you do not have kids, you do not understand and I do not expect you to. If you have more than one table on which to dine you may not fully comprehend the magnitude of this, and that is fine too.

Those of you who have a meager kitchen table that is the forefront of every family dinner and is the center of homework and projects, you understand. You know how big of an accomplishment it is to have a clean table. You also know that a clean table will not last, it is a fleeting moment in time between it’s various tasks and jobs.

Do not overlook the small accomplishments, they are glorious while they last.

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