Five weeks and counting

Before I forget I thought I would go ahead and update the bike riding status. We have now completed five weeks of the school year. It is hard to believe that we have already gotten that far into the school year. It seems like they just started. It is true that time flies when you are having fun.

I must confess that I am starting to think that I should give my son, Andrew, back his bike and invest in my own. There are times when I am happy to just ride his. There are times when I have to admit that it would be nice to have my own. I have put a lot of miles on his bike. I have put many more miles than he has. I have worn his breaks down. I have worn his tires. I have given his bike a work out. The good news is that I can attest to the fact that I made a good decision when I (Santa) picked out his bike. I like his bike. Of course, adding one more bike to the garage would only complicate the “fitting in the garage” issues.

Last week the mileage total was up to 148.5 miles.

This week was just a bad week all the way around for bike riding. Monday we did not ride because we were in court and Lance was sick. Lance was still sick on Tuesday so another day without riding. We did manage to ride Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, however was a crap shoot of a morning and we drove. That is the first day that I chose to drive so far. I think that we are doing pretty good if we have made it five full weeks and I picked the morning after I got only two hours of very interrupted sleep to be the day to drive. We have even done the bikes in the rain every other time. So we are doing quite well actually.

After week five, we are up to 164.5 miles.

Next week will be better. Monday I will not be riding because my sister needs to be in court so I will be going down to the courthouse with her instead. This will be a shorter week but I have no intentions of it being a two day week like week five was. I hope it will only be a four day week. Week six will be a better week than week five.

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