Amazing what a little sleep does

I managed to get a good night’s sleep last night. It is amazing what a little sleep does for you after you have been severely sleep deprived. Your whole perspective and outlook changes. I am groggy this morning, but at least I am not feeling like everything is weighing on me.

Andrew cooked breakfast this morning. Yes, we managed to get him to cook. It was somewhat willing. He made breakfast burritos/wraps. He did a fine job. I do not know why he worries or resists so much, cooking is not that hard.

Ben and the boys are cooking tonight. I am going out for dinner with my friend Angela Foster. It is the Annual Women’s Conference that precedes the October General Conference. I love Conference season! The boys love nights when I am “kicked out” for dinner because it means that they can eat the foods that they would not normally get to eat. Things like spaghetti. Before I realized that it was Women’s Conference tonight I had signed up to feed the missionaries tonight. They were going to be feeding the missionaries tonight as well. Unfortunately, Kyle is still sick so their meal will be a meal to go. They are planning on making Spaghetti Bread. I have to say that it actually looks pretty good.

Normally, tonight would be a Doctor Who party at my house. The boys invite a friend over, we eat junk food (usually popcorn and cookies), and we watch Doctor Who on TV. However, with Kyle still being sick that has been canceled. Thankfully we have a DVR and we can do a double header next week. Unfortunately, next weekend is Conference weekend so that is probably not going to work out either. We will have to figure out when we are doing our rescheduled time for this week’s episode. Needless to say, I am burning through a lot of butter, flour, sugar, and chocolate chips.

Alright, I need to pull myself together and wander out to the store to collect the items that they need for the Spaghetti Bread for dinner tonight. Yes, I am being sent to the store…again.

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