Do not normally buy into these

I do not normally buy into laundry gadgets. I am a skeptic through and through after all. I have been burned by many a laundry gadget. Still there are some that are worth the attention.

Ever seen a seven year old fold laundry willingly? Without complaint?

Check these out…

I cannot say that I can take 100% credit for these. I cannot even say that I would have even bought them without being pushed or encouraged. I had seen them before. Being the skeptic that I am, however, the price was a big holdup. Was it really worth the money? They were not exactly cheap after all. However, watching the children fold laundry is a painful event. I have tried to teach them and encourage them to fold properly. Properly is all relative, I suppose. I worked a little retail so I learned how to fold retail style. That is my preference and things should be folded so that they do not fall unfolded when you pick them up. Needless to say getting the children to get close to that has been far from a beaming success. It is better to sometimes just cut your losses and walk away. Know when you have to accept what you can get and expect nothing more.

My husband saw this on the TV show The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon Cooper uses it to fold his laundry, being one of the OCD characters on the show. My husband asked about them. I figured I’d entertain him.

I was talking to my sister about it and she said to get one for the kids too because they totally rock. Her boss bought one for the store and she had acquired a smaller one and Katlynn ended up with it. It was awesome for getting her to get her to fold her clothes.

So I figured what the heck, I’d buy two because The Container Store has a good return policy and if I did not like them I could take one or both back. Well first was Ben using the big one for his clothes. He LOVED it! Today is Lance using the little one and he was disappointed that there were not enough of his shirts in the laundry basket to fold so he pulled out the big one to fold the bigger shirts too! Score!

Just so we are clear, this does more than just shirts. The paper directions say that you can fold just about anything with it including pants and towels. Definitely give the FlipFold two thumbs up.

Think about your kids folding laundry and it being acceptably neat…oh the possibilities.

Even Kyle got in on the action! His response? This is awesome!

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