I have been at it again

I am not sure I will tell my children this, but I have been at it again. I have been baking cinnamon raisin bread, again. That part will be obvious. There will be no hiding that. Fairly soon, my husband will even be coming out of his office and asking what I am making because the smell is infiltrating the house. It smells really good.

The part that I have been at again, then? The “tinkering” with the recipe. Kyle will be suspicious on his first bite. He will probably know that it is still “yummy to his tummy” but he will know that something is every so slightly different. I did make a couple of modifications. I was not happy with the thick, pasty and gooey mess I had for batter/dough so I changed it up a little bit. Not much, mind you. Just a little bit.

We will see how it turns out when the first four loaves come out of the oven. See when I commit, I commit. I am in for four loaves!

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