I finally emptied the bucket!

So for a while we have had this 18 gallon storage bucket of stuff that I would get to some day. Well, some day came today! It is empty and reassigned temporarily to something else!!!

What was in the tub for all this time? Should I even admit how long? Years. Several years. It was mostly empty and it became the catch all for things over the years. Mostly it was the catch all for the toy and game pieces that I would some day put back where they belonged…

Some day never seemed to come often enough…

Now in all fairness, there where times over the years where I would take the bucket and dump it out, sort, put stuff away as I knew where things went and what not. Somehow, there was always something left in the bucket every single time…

Then brutality struck when I had to do radical cleaning to get the house ready for four extra bodies. Radical cleaning meant that bucket was almost empty again. Almost. Then frustration set in as game pieces started showing up.

Now everyone has a hot spot in their house that is just a constant eyesore. I would like to say that mine is limited to that 18 gallon blue, Rubbermaid bucket but it is not. The extra formal room is taking up that role now. The bucket is only one bucket in that room. It is the catch all room…it has become the organizational staging room in the house as of lately. It was the empty room (mostly with just the piano) so it was a likely candidate for the job. It is doing it well, unfortunately it progressed from “staging” room to “catch all” very quickly.

I am trying to make it the not catch all room…


Today I have taken out two trash bags. This is not the start. That was today’s progress. It is hard work. Clutter will have its last stand in that room!

The big accomplishment, the catch all bucket for the kids’ miscellaneous stuff is empty. I was brutal. It took an entire bag of trash by itself. There are a few miscellaneous things for me to find homes for, but that should not be too hard in a much smaller box for the time being.

Lots to do but today I made headway….

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