One last activity

At church things get done by volunteers. Responsibilities are assigned in a sense. You are asked if you will perform the tasks in a particular position. You never know how long you will be serving in this capacity. The “callings” or assignments range in duties and responsibilities. Until a couple of weeks ago, I had 3 callings. I was released from one of my callings in Sacrament Meeting a couple of weeks ago.

Last night Trisha Nelson and I held our last activity as Activity Day leaders. We were both released. We have been co-leaders in this position since the Memorial Springs Ward was established in January of 2010. I think I was actually called in February to help out. This is an awesome calling! Activity Days is  for the girls in the church who are between the ages of 8 and 11 years old. We actually oversaw the 8 and 9 year old girls. Well, we had 8, 9, and 10 year old girls until the start of the school year and then the older girls moved into the other group. Our ward has two groups for Activity Days.

Trisha and I were enjoying our 6 girls and the fun activities we could do. We were looking forward to planning the new year of activities. Alas, they felt that it was time for someone else to serve in this capacity and we were released from our callings. It is good timing as Trisha and I will both be out at the same time having surgery.

Our activity last night was to tie one of the quilts that the girls made. One of our previous activities was a sewing activity and the girls learned out to put together basic 9-patch quilt squares. Jana Humpherys helped by teaching the lesson and ultimately carrying the bulk of the activity last night. The girls tied the quilt last night. When the quilt is finished, it will be donated to NAM in the annual Quilting Bee that will be held on February 19, 2011 this year. The quilts donated at this event go to individuals and families in the community. It is a fabulous service project and the girls did a wonderful job putting together the quilt squares.

We will miss the girls and seeing them every other Tuesday. They are such sweet spirits, so full of energy and overflowing with love.

Of course, I still have my callings as the Cub Scout Pack Trainer and the Program/Ward Bulletin Coordinator. This is plenty to keep someone busy. I will enjoy the break for a little while.

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