I’m no chicken

I roasted another chicken last night for dinner. This one ended up being more tender than the previous ones. My sister, Ann, went to pull the chicken leg off and the bone fell out. *laugh* Of course, I was sitting there grinning from ear to ear inside. I managed to pull of a super moist chicken and I left the thing unattended. I mean, literally unattended for a couple of hours. I mean, left the building unattended. I put the chicken in the oven and then Ben and I drove downtown so he could run into his office and get the docking station for his work laptop out of his office. I sat in the car on the street so we wouldn’t have to pay for parking or even park. Now, the roasted potatoes were a hacked together at the last minute, not quite done thing…but it wouldn’t be the first time that has happened. They weren’t as good as usual. Oh well, the chicken rocked! The secret? I wish I could tell you. There is no secret. I just lined my pan with heavy duty foil, plopped the rinsed chicken inside, sprayed with non-stick spray (to cut the fat from the oil), sprinkled with Penzeys Spices (this time I used poultry and fox point seasonings), and then fold the foil over the top (not even sealing it off shut, just folding it over closed). Then I stick it in the oven at 375˚F for a couple of hours. I do pull back the foil there at the end to brown up the skin a little as I am finishing up things like sides and vegetables. That’s it. The last 3 chickens have been perfect!!!

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