Make the ringing stop

So I’ve decided that I have caught the nasty cold bug that is going around. I cannot think of a better way to ring in a New Year.

Lance had it last week. He even ran a fever with it. I let it run its course in spite of the nasty cough. Finally, on Friday after him feeling a bit better for a couple of days he had returned to the clingy and lethargic state again so I broke down and took him to the local urgent care center (First Choice Emergency Room). After talking to him I managed to get out of him what was hurting and why he was not feeling well again. So off we went with an aching ear. Sure enough a nasty ear infection. By the time I got him home, stopping at grandma’s house while we waited for the pharmacy to fill his prescription, maybe a couple of hours later (max) he was crying about how bad his ear hurt. While we were at grandma’s house he whining about how bad it hurt and about how we needed to go to the pharmacy and get his medicine because his ear “really hurt bad.” So I am glad that I just went ahead and took him in. Yesterday, he was complaining that his other ear was hurting as well.

Of course, at the time I was not feeling too bad. That was then. I did have a sore throat. I had some serious sinus drainage down my throat. This is not uncommon this time of year.

I kept Lance home from church today because he was complaining about his ears still. He has been wearing his winter stocking cap for 2 days, covering his ears. It makes him feel better. I think it helps protect them from the colder air. I do not know. I just know that he has been wearing it and it makes him feel better. We were kind of mellow all day. I did not feel too awful this morning. I feel like total crap now.

I am thinking that I have officially caught whatever Lance had. Kyle and Andrew have also shared in the fun with their stuffy heads. I stocked up on Kleenex® while I was at Walmart yesterday. I still had some, but with 4 runny noses, the supply diminishes quickly. I bought 3 more boxes. It just really stinks because I was already on antibiotics for a sinus infection. I have had to increase my asthma inhalers because I cannot breathe. I do not have the cough. I do not typically get a cough until stuff has settled in my chest for a while. It will affect how I am breathing before I get the cough, typically. I have been doing my saline sinus washes again and I am washing more and more nastiness out. This is not good considering the antibiotics I was already on. Colds in me are never a good thing because they always end up in sinus infections because my sinuses do not drain like a normal person’s sinus cavities. I am not a happy camper right now.

I cannot think of any ringing that is any more annoying than the ringing that is in my head right now. I typically have a ringing in my ears. It is always there. There are days that I forget it is there because I just ignore it. Then there are days like today where I truly have to wonder if the noise in my head bothers everyone around me. I cannot imagine how the person sitting next to me cannot hear it, the sound in my head is that loud. Just make it stop!!!

So Happy New Year and Happy Cold too! UGH! I want to be able to breathe again…right now…and the decongestants are not touching it. The drainage is awful down the throat. It makes for awful night’s sleeps too. UGH UGH UGH!

I’m going to go blow my nose yet again…one more time…

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  1. I'm soooo sorry to hear you're sick.I went to the dr. last monday b/c i had the worst sore throat. I would have thought it was strep but my neck didn't hurt. I think somehow I had a sinus infection in my throat. I know that's weird but I've never had anything like it. It's way better now. 🙂 Hope you get better too.

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