Ringing in the new year

I cannot think of a better way to ring in the new year than a trip to the grocery store. OK, so I am completely lying to you and can think of a lot of better ways to ring in the new year than a trip to the grocery store. Alas, we were having bratwurst for dinner and I was going to have to go buy the bratwurst and buns for dinner. Not to mention that I was going to have to go get a few household staples as well as lunch staples for the the kids’ lunches come Monday morning.

We were running mighty low on toilet paper. With 9 people living in the same house, a single 12 pack of toilet paper does not last long. There were no sandwich bags to be had. Since they kids each take a bottle of water in their lunch, we were going to need some of that as well. So out the door I was going to have to go…

Thankfully the Grocery Game posted their shopping lists early this week. Of course, it was during the coupon pulling and cutting session that I realized that I got screwed out of my Sunday paper last week. Not happy! Oh well, it made the list shorter and I just focused on the staples we needed.

Of course, bratwurst is a food that is hard to find on New Year’s Day.

Kroger was a quick trip. It was mostly household essentials – lots of toilet paper, some paper towels, and a large bottle of laundry detergent. I picked up 2 bags of baby peeled carrots, 3 packages of hot dog buns (for the bratwurst), a thing of deodorant, and 2 cases of bottled water. I was then out the door. Kroger was completely out of bratwurst.

Off to Randall’s. This was a bit more of a stocking on food. Not typically the longer list because Randall’s is typically higher priced overall. This was just one of those fluke weeks. This was also where I found the bratwurst. I did not care what they cost. Typically I do. I didn’t see a price on the big box of them and really I did not at that moment care how much they cost. I had already been to a store where they were sold out. I was not taking my chances, I was getting the big box. Of course when I got to the register I found out that big box was $13.99 but I shrugged it off as I wandered to the car with my cart of groceries and sub-par grocery savings. It was what it was. We were having bratwurst for dinner. I even had a package of pre-cooked all beef bratwurst. Woohoo!

I wandered home and then back out to Walmart to get page protectors for Ben. I grabbed the sandwich bags I had forgotten about. I am truly grateful that I shrugged the bratwurst cost off earlier because even Walmart was well picked over on the bratwurst supply.

I did managed to pick up a few staples to make some casseroles to make and freeze. These are for when I will be laid up after my surgery this month. 

Of course when all was said and done…pre-cooked all beef bratwursts are just not the same. I saw turkey bratwurst at Walmart. I am not willing to give up on beef bratwurst. I am not willing to give up on bratwurst. The typical makeup of bratwurst is a pork (primarily) and beef blend. I figure if they can make them all turkey, surely they can make them all beef as that is already an ingredient in them…at least if you look up the “ingredients” online that is what it says is in them. I am going to hold out and try again. We’ll see if I can find them fresh (not pre-cooked) or perhaps make them ourselves. Penzeys does have a bratwurst seasoning and everyone knows how I feel about Penzeys so it is not like I would need a whole lot of excuse to go back down there and get it. Of course, then there is the amount of work that is involved in making them myself. The supplies needed for that. That really does not appeal to me. Now if I could make them incredibly low fat that would be more enticing, but just making them because they are “not pork” is not really all that exciting enough to make me want to put in the effort. Really we only eat bratwurst 2-3 times a year. I figure eventually I will no longer crave pork. I have only stopped eating it since August so it is still a new novelty to not eat it. The fat content in bratwurst does not get me excited either…so…really…

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