Your typical “To Do” list?

Just to spice things up around here, I thought I’d add a typical mother’s “mishap to-do” list.

* Finish off box of Girl Scout cookies. Check.

* Go to DPS (Department of Public Safety) office to renew driver’s license. Check.

* Chicken out at the DPS office due to long lines that have already reached the doors by 8:36am. Check.

* Go to fabric store to get a hexagon cutting ruler so that you can quickly and easily cut more hexagons (or rather parts of) to finish another charity quilt. Check.

* Impulse buy at the fabric store when only going in for 1 thing (hexagon ruler). Check.

* Get to the cash register at the fabric store only to figure out you left your wallet at home. Check.

* Have the cashier hold your purchase for you not so willingly on her part while you go get your wallet. Check.

* Drive the 10 minutes back home to retrieve wallet that in an absent state of mind you left laying on the bed after checking to make sure you had it and the checkbook in your purse so that you’d have it at the DPS office. Check.

* Grab one of each the already cut hexagons trying to match for more quilts. Check.

* Drive the 10 minutes back to the fabric store. Check.

* Stand in line again at the fabric store. Fortunately, these are really short lines compared to the DPS office. Check.

* Annoy the cashier by asking to compare your pre-cut hexagon fabric pieces to the impulse-buy fat quarters being held. Check.

* Have the cashier remove one fat quarter from the order because it doesn’t match. Check.

* Drive a couple of blocks to the eye doctor’s office to pick up a duplicate receipt out of a courtesy to them and their time. I had already found the original receipt, but they did have it, so I went to get it. Check.

* Set up eye exam appointment for Kyle who is complaining about his glasses and ability to see. Check.

* Have Lance complain about errands. Check.

* Go home. Check.

* Call doctor’s office and make appointment for the same complaining Lance to get more vaccinations, including a second H1N1 dose. Check.

* Have Lance ask one more time if I was “ever going to make his pajamas?” Again. Check.

Yep, that pretty much sums up my day and that was all before 11:00 AM! So when you think of all the things that don’t get done around here, please remember the things that do get done. These things might seem minimal and trivial, but they are very much a part of my life.

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