“I’m so happy!”

“I’m so happy!”

That was Lance’s response last night about 10pm-ish when I called him into the room. Why? Why would I lose my mind and let him stay up way way way past his bedtime? Because he was so delighted that I would finish his long awaited for pajamas.

It was about 2 weeks ago when I bought the fabric for his pajamas. Every day since then I have heard, “are you going to make my pajamas yet?” That question over and over and over again. That question multiple times a day in an innocent, inquisitive voice.

A couple of days ago I traced the patterns. I washed the fabric well over a week ago. I had even did a little online research on how to “finish edges on a sewing machine” so that I could prevent tickling seams after washing (without using mom’s serger). I just needed to motivate myself to put the questions to an end.

Yesterday, I laid good, old-fashioned cutting board out on the living room floor. Pinned the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut the pieces out. That is hard work. Especially when doing it on the floor.

I then set about to get them put together. It shouldn’t be too hard. The pants went together fairly quickly. Lance was delighted when I had him try them on, even if the elastic was still a tad too loose. Fortunately, that was an easy fix.

So throughout the day I worked on his pajamas. The slow down was the usual “running the kids around” events of the evening. Fortunately, I was still able to work on them a tad here and there.

But to Lance’s pure delight, I let him stay up so he could wear them to bed last night. “I’m so happy!”

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