It is official, but no surprise

Andrew came home from school yesterday afternoon to inform us that it was official that he would be going to the new junior high school that will be opening up this fall. I was never in doubt. We live right across the street from the school more or less. Alright, so it is a couple of blocks away. We’re less than a block from the subdivision entrance and the edge of the school’s property is right across the street from the entrance.

Evidently, yesterday during school they pulled all the kids who would be attending the new school out of class for a meeting. He said that they got to vote for their new school mascot. They don’t know what the results are yet as they still have to go to another junior high that will be losing kids to the new school. Soon enough.

Andrew was saying that they were showing aerial pictures of the school and you could see our house in almost all of the pictures. Yes, we are that close. Andrew said that he kept telling the people at the table he was sitting at, “that’s my house” and “I live right there.” *laugh* I am not so sure that they cared so much as they responded after a while with a, “We get the point.” I just think it is neat that you could see enough of the surrounding area to see our house and Andrew was paying enough attention to point it out.

What Andrew was really trying to tell us in all this was that when it comes to “back to school” time is when it will really matter. Why? Because I will have to reserve part of the budget for clothes for new school shirts. I’ve been very good and made sure that each of the kids have at least one school shirt (that fits) every year. It gets easier with each additional kid as I have hand-me-downs for them. Lance will probably be able to wear a different school shirt every day of the week next year and I still wouldn’t have to wash him a shirt to wear. Fortunately, the school shirts are not outrageously priced. They aren’t great, but they aren’t horribly priced. A bit higher at the junior high than at the elementary school, but still doable.

I am just glad that Andrew is excited about going to the new school. I won’t lie about the fact that I am excited about it. It isn’t a big deal to go the 3-4 miles to the current junior high school, but it does mean that I have to take him and/or pick him up if he needs to be there early and/or stay late. I won’t lie and say that I am not excited about the prospect that he’ll be able to walk his backside across the street if he needs to be there early and he’ll be able to walk back across the street if he needs to stay late. He can ride his bike if he wants, but he said he’d probably just walk. Now, to convince him that riding his bike will probably be faster. *shrug*

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