Expensive needles

Last night as I was dutifully sewing, I managed to just throw things out of whack. I wasn’t paying attention to the little knob that held the needle tight in the machine. I was just content to be working on the quilt top for my brother-in-law and getting close to having it done. Since this is his Christmas present, this is a big deal. Well the needle fell out of its perch and kind of slowed things done. Fortunately, I (1) could get all the pieces to the needle out of the machine and (2) I had another needle. Now the needle was a much larger needled that I needed, but it worked for getting the little I needed/wanted to get done that night finished.

So this morning I was on the quest to get more needles. After rummaging through my drawer where I knew I had additional packages of needles, I found that all I had were heavier/larger needles. I really didn’t need to use a jeans needle to sew a quilt top. That’s just overkill since it is just simple cotton fabrics. I went and got mom and Jennifer and we headed out to Hancock Fabrics. This is just a dangerous place to go. In all fairness, it is quite the drive from here so you have to make the trip count. Besides, it was President’s Day and there was a 10% off of the total purchase coupon in the ad if we got there before noon.

I did find the needles that I wanted. I even found a bunch of fat quarters. *evil laugh* I was good, I did not have them cut any fabric for me. Once I got started, however, I just couldn’t stop. I’ll confess though, I did put all impulsive ones back. I probably put back as many as I bought. Since I only bought 8, I will call that good.

I just saw these cute fabrics that went well with the fabric in my mind. I had uncovered some older fabric that I had been give by someone a while back. I thought it would be a nice thing to just do a quick quilt and also donate it at the Quilting Bee. I would need a few more fabrics to make it work. I found some that would work. Then there were the 2 more blue fabrics to add to the “Margaret Quilt” collection.

So I went out to buy needles to finish a quilt with and walked out some $15 later. Those were some expensive needles. *innocent look*

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