Have fun!

Mom needed to run to the fabric store yesterday to get something for borders for a couple of baby quilts she is making. In my recent state of mind, this was not a big deal. It did not require a whole lot of arm twisting to get me to drop everything and head over to pick her up and take her to the store. I wanted to get the batting for my brother-in-law’s quilt anyway. I also needed to get some thread that matched the backing and binding on the charity quilt I was working on. So I really did need to go.

The last things out of my husband’s mouth as I walked out the door was, “have fun!”

He should be careful with very broad statements like that. It is very broad. It is not specific as to what I should be having fun with either. The fact that I was going to the fabric store and he knows that I have been doing a vast amount of sewing lately, leaves that statement wide open to interpretation.

I might have had a little too much fun, but I do confess that most of the impulse temptations stayed there. Lance realized where we were upon pulling into the parking lot. *sigh* “Not another place with all the fabric!” I told him yes. I told him that he needed to be good. He asked if I would buy him fabric to make him some pajamas. I had tried when we went to Hancocks, but didn’t find a whole lot. The flannel was on sale at Joann’s so I let him pick some out. He picked dinosaur skeleton fabric. He was so excited!

This trip yielded: 1 queen sized cotton batting, 3 yards of dinosaur print flannel, 2 spools of thread, and 3 quilting fat quarters. I tried to behave myself. The batting was not cheap, though.

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