A little late, adds up…

Today was a wash of a day, literally with all the rain. Makes you want to just be lazy. I’ll confess to being lazy today. Of course, it helps the lazy factor when you’ve got 1 side of your nose that you just simply can’t breathe through because the weather has reeked havoc on your sinuses.

I did, however, finish loading the digital picture frame for my mother-in-law. I need to finish doing the same for my mother. Shhh! I didn’t say that. I also wandered out to get a benign card for a gift card for mother-in-law’s husband. I wandered to Target because they are usually pretty good for having these kinds of things. *laugh* That was a joke. Why is it when you know you can get something somewhere it is never there when you go to actually get it? So I ended up spending almost $5 on a greeting card that is completely blank inside because it was the only masculine blank card there. I was not going anywhere else because the weather really wasn’t great, I lacked desire, and I really didn’t have enough time to trek through Wal-mart. Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll actually get to wander out and get it in boxed and shipped.

Wednesday is always a crazy evening for us. Since we’ve bumped piano lessons up by an hour, it is supposed to help. It does. Kind of. Of course there is the issue of if the school bus is just a little late. Just a little late. When the child walks in the door at 4:22pm and you’re supposed to be at piano by 4:30pm…a little late is a big deal. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to get to piano. Naturally the weather doesn’t entirely cooperate even if the traffic wasn’t too bad. I really do like the earlier piano time, but it does make it crazy when you’re literally walking out the door as soon as the last child walks in the door from school.

So the boys were a little late to piano lessons. Not a big deal since they are the only kids with lessons on Wednesday, I think. It wasn’t even going to be a big deal that they’d hang after an additional 5 minutes to get their full lesson since they were about that late. Not a big deal. Of course, tendency happens. They went OVER on their piano lesson. So I am not leaving piano lessons until 5:55pm. Lance is supposed to be at karate at 6pm. This is going to be fun. Oh and Kyle is going to karate too and he still has to change into his karate uniform. So we stop at the house. Lance is ready except for his belt on. Kyle changes quickly. Well, as quickly as is quick for Kyle. Then we still have to stop at grandma’s house on the way to get their karate gear because their bags are still at grandma’s house from when I took them out of the car on Tuesday to make room for all the groceries.

So the boys are about 15 minutes late for karate. *sigh* Such is life. It has been one of those days. Really, I expected nothing more. It could have been predicted from the weather. Days like this just simply happen. The good news is that it just didn’t get any later running than that.

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