Motivation, where are you?

I’ve already openly admitted that I had problems getting into the whole Christmas Spirit mode. Now I have to openly admit that I am having problems getting into the whole “put Christmas away” mode.

This morning, however, I have managed to put all of the pieces of my large Nativity back in their boxes. That’s 10 boxes of figures. That’s a lot of boxes. I love my mother-in-law for the beautiful gift as she started the set for me 5 years ago and has sent me pieces over the years to fill out more of it. This year she sent a duplicate set, and I confess that I was a tad disappointed. I am honestly surprised that we haven’t ended up with duplicates sooner.

So about a week before Christmas, I am sitting there in the recliner across the room from the Nativity that is proudly perched atop the bookcases. I lit up the Nativity this year with a rope light we had. It was nice. It was quiet in the house as everyone else had gone to bed. The only lights on in the house were those from the Christmas trees (1 large and 2 small) and the Nativity. It was there in that quiet that it hit me…I have 3 Wise Men and 1 camel. Somehow, this just isn’t right.

The thought was quickly followed by needing multiple shepherds to watch over the flocks of sheep and other animals. I’ve got an ox, goat, and several white and black sheep.

The duplicate set was the set with the shepherd and camel in it. The mix-up turned out to be a beautiful addition to the set. Next year when the set goes out, we will have a much better wise men to camel ratio. I can’t wait to put it out next Christmas…errrr….Thanksgiving after I’ve consumed the appropriate amount of turkey and pumpkin pie.

So as of right now, I have boxed up the large Nativity set and taken all of the ornaments off of one of the small counter-top Christmas trees. The other buckets are in the garage and it is still below freezing outside so I have not wandered out to get them yet. Progress to putting everything away for another several months.

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